Data and voice recording

Capturing the context for every traffic control incident

Developed in-house by our own engineers, Veristore from Phoenix Recording Systems provides the data you need to reconstruct any traffic control incident. You can capture and replay all data sources instantly and simultaneously—be it for air traffic controllers, port authorities, or military environments.

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Veristore from Phoenix Recording Systems

Our platform captures and replays every traffic control interaction. Its simple interface provides easy access to the voice recordings and data you need to reconstruct any event in the air or at sea, so you can easily meet regulatory requirements.


Integrated recording

Our dual voice recorders come with separate power units and are independent of all hardware. Being active at all times, you can ensure you never miss any crucial traffic information.


Synchronous replay

You can replay data within one second of receiving it. And you can access all data simultaneously to reconstruct an event exactly as the controller experienced it.


Modular design

Veristore’s modular design allows you to scale up without having to reconfigure your existing hardware. So your system can easily change alongside your requirements.

Why we’re different


High-quality product

Veristore records continuously with 100 percent redundancy, so you can stay operational and compliant.


Adaptable and scalable

For clients large and small, in the air and sea, we tailor our solution to your specific needs.


Lower TCO

We deliver a lower cost of ownership by providing the total package with aftercare included, and no hidden costs.


A better experience

Our user interface is simple to use. And we bring a personal touch to every customer interaction.

Some of our clients

Regional and City Airports

About us

We’re voice and data recording specialists with a drive to create a better user and customer experience. We simplify regulatory compliance for our clients, all while providing a complete package with our support built-in and no hidden costs.

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