We’re self-confessed traffic control geeks

We’re voice and data recording specialists with a love for innovation and a focus on customer care.

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Our mission and values

We don’t just make and sell a solution: we’re committed to creating a better user and customer experience. We ensure our interface is easy to use, and create tailored packages for all of our clients, specific to their needs. And we provide aftercare as standard, with support from engineers who know your systems and understand your challenges. This means you can meet your stringent regulatory standards painlessly, with the power to access and replay all traffic control data instantly.

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Our history


Lee Coles started working at Precision Applications as a Software Developer


The company became PAL Support UK Limited


Lee Coles became the Managing Director


Lee Coles bought the company


The company moved location from Wells to South Wales


The company changed its name to Phoenix Recording Systems Limited


Phoenix Recording Systems opened its second office in Bristol

Meet our team


Managing Director/Owner

Lee Coles

Successful and visionary managing director/owner with extensive experience in strategic planning, leading teams, and driving business growth.


Sales & Marketing Manager

Pamela Kirkpatrick

Result-driven sales and marketing manager with a passion for driving revenue growth and building strong customer relationships.

David Kirkpatrick-2

Support Engineer

David Kirkpatrick

Experienced and dedicated support engineer adept at troubleshooting complex technical issues and ensuring smooth operation of systems and software.


Trainee Support Engineer

William Walters

Eager to apply hardware skills, gained from experienced colleagues, and help our clients overcome technical challenges. 


Trainee Technical Engineer

Jamie Hammond

Brings fresh perspectives, a strong educational background, and a passion for software engineering that will surely enrich our innovative environment.


Software Developer

Edward Waite

Experienced software developer proficient in multiple programming languages and frameworks, dedicated to creating efficient and scalable solutions to meet business needs.



Charlotte Bird

Professional Assistant skilled in administrative tasks, organization, and communication, committed to providing exceptional support and ensuring smooth operations for executives and teams.



Nathalie Coles

Highly organized and efficient administrator with a proven track record of managing various administrative tasks effectively.

How we can help you

We know the ins and outs of traffic control environments, both for the air and sea. Your compliance issues are our compliance issues, and we want to help you meet regulatory compliance as painlessly as possible. That’s why we designed our own solution in-house that enables you to reconstruct every event, just as the controller experienced it.

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Some of our clients

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Air Navigation Solutions
Regional and City Airports

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