Fully integrated recording and synchronous replay of multiple data sources:

  • Voice Communications
  • Ambient Recording
  • Through-the-Wall Radar
  • At-the-Glass Radar
  • CCTV


  • Data is recorded 24/7 without the use of:
    • VOX: to ensure that no information is ever lost and passages of silence are retained.
    • AGC: to ensure that ‘what the Operator heard’ is recorded.
  • 100% redundant recording is offered for all data sources.
    • The recorded data does not have to be archived to external media because two totally independent Voice Recorders which do not use coding or compression are active at all times.
  • Ambient Recording is offered as standard and may be added to existing systems without replacing hardware.


  • Information to be replayed is located quickly and easily via a simple to use GUI.
    • Recorded data from any source is available for replay within one second of being received
  • Data from all sources is replayed in perfect synchronism.
    • In the event of an incident all of the data that was available to the Controller may be replayed to reconstruct ‘exactly what the Controller heard and saw’.
  • Through-the-Wall Radar is replayed using local maps.
  • Data required for the investigation of an incident or accident is secured and may be ‘quarantined’.


  • Comprehensive hardware and software alarm system.
    • User configurable options for reporting faults.


  • Access to the System is strictly controlled by User type and Password both of which are set by the System Administrator.


  • All of the features are included as standard with each system, there are no ‘optional extras’ or hidden costs.
  • Modular system design that may be easily upgraded without the need to reconfigure any of the existing hardware
  • Proven low ‘cost of ownership’ and long ‘in service life’.
  • End users and system integrators have been consulted at all stages of the design to ensure that the available features are relevant.