At Phoenix Recording Systems we pride ourselves on delivering a service that is second to none, building long standing relationships with our clients

Stage 1 Initial Contact

A potential Client approaches Phoenix Recording Systems with Technical Specifications, Regulatory Requirements and Local Legislation.

  • All requirements and legislation are evaluated.
  • A demonstration of representative equipment will be offered.
  • A Site Survey will be recommended if further clarification is required.
  • A detailed written proposal and financial quotation will be issued.

Stage 2 Order Placed

The Client issues a Purchase Order for the supply of a Recording System.

  • The Purchase Order will be reviewed to ensure that everything has been covered.
  • Any concerns will be discussed and the Purchase Order amended if necessary.
  • A schedule for manufacture, delivery and acceptance will be issued and agreed.

Stage 3 Manufacture and Factory Acceptance

Each Veristore Recording System is based on standard ‘building blocks’, which are configured to meet individual Client requirements, assembled in accordance with a unique Build Sheet.

  • Build information is produced by Phoenix Recording Systems.
  • Manufacture is carried out in accordance with the Company Quality Procedures.
  • A Factory Acceptance Test Procedure (FATP) is generated.
  • The Client will be invited to approve the FATP and attend the FAT.
  • The FAT will be conducted to prove all Requirements have been met.

Stage 4 Delivery and Client Acceptance

After successful completion of the FAT, the System will be delivered to the Client and either installed by Phoenix Recording Systems’ fully trained engineers or by the Client’s engineers.

  • A Site Acceptance Test Procedure (SATP) is generated.
  • The Client will be invited to approve the SATP.
  • Once installed, the System will be commissioned by Phoenix Recording Systems.
  • The System will be subjected to a SAT, witnessed by the Client.
  • The Client will be invited to accept the System.

Stage 5 Training and Warranty Period

Delivering a technically compliant and fully operational Recording System is only the start of the equipment life cycle.  Providing operational and technical support is an essential part of the Customer Service offered by Phoenix Recording Systems.

  • Comprehensive Training Courses are offered for both Users and Maintainers.
  • Certificates are issued to each trainee who has completed the Training Course.
  • Unlimited Telephone and Remote Support are offered during the Warranty Period.

Stage 6 After the Warranty Period

Efficient ongoing Maintenance and Support of a Recording System is essential to maintain reliability and reduce through life costs.  Phoenix Recording Systems offers comprehensive Maintenance Contracts which are tailored to each Client’s individual needs.

  • Telephone Support.
  • Remote Support.
  • On-site Support.
  • Software Upgrades.

Phoenix Recording Systems’ Clients benefit from a lower overall lifetime cost with Veristore recording solutions.