A Veristore Recording System is a fully integrated Record and Replay package which interfaces to all types of user data and offers monitor and replay facilities that are straightforward and easy to use.


  • Comprehensive range:
    • Voice: analogue, digital, VoIP, ambient microphones
    • Through-the-Wall Radar: Serial and IP
    • At-the-Glass Radar: All screen resolutions and technologies.
    • CCTV
  • Designed specifically for our markets, not modified ‘call centre’ recorders.
  • All Veristore Recorders are self-contained and run independently of any external software or system interrupts
  • Continuous recording 24/7 for all data sources without the use of:
    • VOX: to ensure that no information is ever lost.
    • AGC: to ensure that ‘what the Operator heard’ is recorded.
    • Compression: to enable true read-after-write data confirmation.
    • Coding: to enable true read-after-write data confirmation.
  • True 100% redundant recording is offered for all data sources.
    • Two totally independent recorders which do not communicate with each other are used in parallel.  No data can ever be lost due to switchover between ‘master’ and ‘stand-by’ equipment.
    • The recorded data does not have to be archived to external media because two totally independent Voice Recorders which do not use coding or compression are active at all times.
  • Ambient Recording is offered as standard and may be added to existing systems without replacing hardware.

Data Storage:

  • Each data source is interfaced directly to the recorder where it will be stored.
  • All data is written directly to a hard drive within the recorder, it is not held in a temporary location prior to transfer to a central storage location.
  • Once written to a disk the data is protected and cannot be deleted or amended.
  • If desired, stored data may be selected and copied to external storage media without corrupting the original data.


  • Information to be replayed is located quickly and easily via a simple to use GUI.
    • Recorded data from any source is available for replay within one second of being received.
  • All of the data is retrieved directly from the recorder internal stores.
  • All of the data is replayed in perfect synchronism.
    • n the event of an incident all of the data that was available to the Controller/Operator may be replayed to reconstruct exactly what he or she ‘heard and saw’.
  • Through-the-Wall Radar Data is replayed using local maps.
  • Selected passages of data can be copied to Quarantine Files, which are secure and may be used for incident analysis.
  • Data files, which contain the data from multiple sources, can be saved to a CD/DVD or Mini Drive for password controlled replay on any PC without the need to download the Veristore Replay Software.

Replay Analysis Tools:

  • Voice:
    • The audio data is replayed through either loudspeakers or a headset using the Audio Unit.
    • Skip Silences: only audible passages will be heard, periods of silence will be ‘skipped’
    • Loop Replay: selected passages of data may be replayed as normal and then repeated.
    • Spoken Time: The timestamp is extracted from the recorded data and output as an audio signal.
  • Through-the-Wall Radar:
    • A single target may be highlighted with other targets ‘greyed out’.
    • The separation between two selected targets can be monitored and displayed.
    • Targets outside pre-set parameters will not be displayed.
    • The tracks of individual targets can be exported to a spreadsheet,
    • For Air Traffic applications:
      • Barometric pressure can be entered and the altitudes of aircraft will be automatically corrected.
      • Data may be exported to a .KML file to produce a 3D display using Google Earth.
      • Aircraft tracks can be displayed over a specified period of time (whisker Plots).
  • At-the-Glass Radar:
    • Controller/Operator Screens are displayed exactly as they were recorded with a zoom facility which enables specific areas of the screen to be selected and analysed.
    • Individual screenshots, from a replayed sequence, may be output in a printable format.


  • Comprehensive hardware and software alarm system.
    • Contact closure alarms, which are independent of the Veristore software, are generated by the recorders and can be transmitted directly to a Remote Alarm Panel.
    • Alarms, which have User configurable options for reporting faults, are generated by each of the Recorders and the CMS.


  • Access to the System is strictly controlled by User type and Password both of which are set by the System Administrator.
  • The CMS manages and monitors of all of the recorders in the system.
    • A complete overview of the current status of all of the recorders is readily available.
    • The data received by each of the recorders may be ‘live monitored’ with a maximum delay of 1 second from receipt of the data.
      • A complete overview of the current status of all of the recorders is readily available.
      • The data received by each of the recorders may be ‘live monitored’ with a maximum delay of 1 second from receipt of the data.

Audit Trail:

  • Comprehensive System and Alarm Logs are generated and maintained.
    • The System Log contains details of all System Activity recorded with User Identification, date and time.
    • The Alarm Log contains details of all reported alarms including the fault, the date and time that it was acknowledged and the date and time that it was cleared.


  • All of the features are included as standard with each system, there are no ‘optional extras’ or hidden costs.
  • Modular system design that may be easily upgraded without the need to reconfigure or replace any of the existing hardware.
  • Lower ‘cost of ownership’ and longer ‘in service life’
  • End users and system integrators have been consulted at all stages of the design to ensure that the available features are relevant.